Joe 82

Joe Black

November 2, 2018 We’re trying not to push Christmas on you too early, during the Rocky morning show.  Trust me…TJ won’t let me.  It will be on us soon, so it’s on my radar!!  I’ve seen on Facebook, since summer, people counting the weeks and days until it’s here!!  The tree for the square in York…

TJ Small


September 25th, 2018 Did I mention I absolutely LOVE Halloween? I dont know about you, but this is MY favorite holiday of them all – it’s the one night of the year grown-ups can act like idiots and get away with it! Looking back at my “Trick Or Treating” experiences, I’d have to say THE…

Bill 82

Bill O’Brien

February 23rd, 2018 Plant another candle in that cake, and light up those candles. Wait? You really think I can’t extinguish those “can’t blow out candles”? Hey, I got this! Soooooo… Bring. It. On! Yep, another year on the planet, another birthday, and I find the longer I’m here, the longer I’d like to hang…

Sammy Hagar