Scott “Frogman” Donato and Kim Frogdashian in the Morning

March 26th, 2019

Have you ever dated someone and you weren’t sure if you were just dating or if you were in a relationship?  It happens.  What is the cutoff point where you stop dating and you’re now in a relationship?  A new survey found the average is about six weeks in.  It’s tricky though.  You don’t want to rush it because you might scare someone off.  On the other hand, if you wait too long, they may start dating someone else.  Here are some signs that you may be ready to take the plunge to relationship status…If you confide in each other. You’ve stopped dating other people. You told your family about them. They’re all you think about.  You’re constantly talking on the phone or texting.  If these five things apply to you and the person you’re dating, it may be time to up the ante.  Good luck.  Remember what Carrie Underwood says, Love Wins.:)

March 19th, 2019

Today is National Let’s Laugh Day.  I’m one to make fun of all the “holidays” we make up but this is a day I can get behind.  Laughter is good for the soul.  Personally, I don’t think we laugh enough.  A new survey on our laughing habits show only 33% of men and 29% of women say they laugh at least 10 times a day.  We need to up that average.  Here are some other “laugh” statistics….96% of people say they enjoy making others laugh.  95% of us think laughter helps relieve stress (yes!!).  The people who make us laugh the most are our friends, followed by our significant other, our kids, our siblings and out parents.  Enjoy National Let’s Laugh Day and maybe tell a joke or two to celebrate.  Speaking of celebrating, today is the last full day of winter.  Yayyyyy!!!

March 15th, 2019

A recent survey found the average person complains three times a day.  That got me thinking… do I bring that average up?  I probably do.  Sometimes, I probably complain even when I don’t think I’m complaining (Haha).  The survey also looked at what we are complaining about.  The number one thing we complain about is bad customer service.  That’s followed by…telemarketers and robocalls (guilty), people who cut in line, feeling cold (very guilty) and packages or letters that don’t show up on time.  Rounding out the ten top are traffic (yes), trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, littler and people who litter, the weather (guilty), and feeling too hot.  Yes, I’m guilty of complaining about several of these things.  How did you do?

March 12th, 2019

Have you ever left a restaurant in the middle of a meal because of an unpleasant experience?  I was shocked to find out, according to a new survey, one out of four people have done just that.  Many people said cleanliness was the main issue.  The survey of 2,000 people found the top five things that can ruin a dining experience.  Number one is a foul or unpleasant smell (Yeah, that’s pretty gross).  The rest of the top five are… dirty or sticky floors, dirty plates, glasses or silverware, a sticky table, and rude or slow service.  I guess we’ve all had unpleasant dining experiences, but it must be pretty bad to leave in the middle of a meal.

Just a reminder, not that I’m counting down or anything, spring arrives next week! 🙂

March 7th, 2019

For wine lovers, wine o’clock can be almost anytime, but what is the real wine o’clock?  A winemaker in California wanted to know so he commissioned a survey to find out when the best time is to crack open a bottle and start drinking.  The answer they came up with is precisely 6:59 P.M.  The survey also asked people to name the top “little pleasures” in life.  Besides drinking wine, the list includes… being able to hang out on the couch and watch TV, a home cooked meal, shopping for yourself (that wouldn’t be on my list, I hate shopping!), reading a book and indulging in dessert.  The rest of the top ten are… date nights, going to happy hour with your friends, a leisurely walk, fresh sheets on your bed and getting a massage.  It seems like a fairly legit list.  Here’s hoping you experience an abundance of life’s little pleasures.

March 5th, 2019

Salty or sweet? Americans love to snack.  We really didn’t need a new survey to tell us that, but the survey did reveal some interesting facts.  The most surprising, at least to me, is salty snacks , like potato chips and peanuts are our favorite snack food.  Cheesy or spicy snacks are next followed by sweet snacks like cookies or candy.  You mean to tell me cheesy or spicy snacks beat sweet snacks?!  Who is taking these surveys?  The survey also found if we need to grab a snack to bring to a friend’s house, one in four people say they’d bring popcorn.  I love popcorn but I would have thought chips or pretzels would have been the top answer.  And finally, the not so shocking statistic, two-thirds of us buy snacks at least once a week.  And almost all of us buy snacks at least once a month.  Happy snacking!

March 1st, 2019

We made it to March!  I know, some of our biggest snow storms have happened in March and it’s typically a transitional month BUT there are many things to look forward to this month.  Here are five things that may get you excited for the month ahead…Spring begins.  Kiss winter goodbye on March 20th.  Daylight Saving Time begins on March 10th.  Even though we lose an hour of sleep that night, it will stay lighter longer.  Now the next two reasons to love March are for sports fans.  March Madness gets underway.  This year’s tournament begins on March 19th.  If you’re not into college basketball, how about baseball?  The MLB’s opening day is March 28th.  Finally, for you party lovers and the Irish or Irish at heart, St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th.  It falls on a Sunday this year so you may want to consider a vacation day Monday (Haha).  Here’s hoping this month treats you well.  Welcome March!

February 22nd, 2019

Look at that calendar!  We are one week away from March!  The month where we welcome spring.  I am so ready.  I’m going to temper my excitement however, knowing that some of our our biggest snowstorms come in March.  I hope not this year.  I have to be honest, I am so tired of precipitation of all kinds.  The past year, I’ve seen enough rain (especially rain), snow and sleet to last me a lifetime.  If karma is real, we are due a beautiful spring and summer because last year’s were crappy for sure.  Bring it!  I’m ready!

I bet this snowplow driver in Nebraska is looking forward to spring.  The city of Lincoln got about seven inches of snow recently.  Now city officials are investigating how a plow driver took out 30 blocks worth of mailboxes.  Not 30 mailboxes, 30 BLOCKS OF MAILBOXES!  The city will have to cover the expense of the mailboxes if they find the driver was negligent.

February 18th, 2019

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an animal lover.  I have a dog and I’m a big proponent of the joy pets can bring.  However, I did not make this up.  Here are four ways having pets improve your life, and it’s backed by science. 1.  They relieve stress.  Studies have shown just petting your dog or cat lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress.  2.  Pets help us raise healthier, happier kids.  Kids who grow up with pets in the house tend to have less anxiety, higher self esteem and better social skills.  3.  They encourage us to be more social.  Dog owners are five times more likely to know their neighbors than people who don’t own dogs.  And finally…4.  They’re good for your heart.  Dog owners walk a lot more than people who don’t have dogs.  A recent study also found that any type of pet can help if you’ve had a heart attack.

In the interest of fairness, it’s important to realize all pets are a commitment that should be taken seriously.  If you don’t have the time to properly care for one, it’s best not to get a pet.  Also, one dog or cat can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.  They’re not cheap.  But in my humble opinion, TOTALLY worth it.:)

February 15th, 2019

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? I was driving home last night at 5:15 and noticed it wasn’t pitch dark.  Needless to say, that makes me very, very happy.  Before you know it, we’ll be moving those clocks forward.  Yay!

I had to do a double take when I saw the cost of an average wedding.  According to The Knot’s annual Real Wedding Study, the average wedding now cost $33,931.  Wow!  That includes $15,439 for the reception venue, $1,631 for the dress and $2,400 for flowers.  Here are some more interesting wedding facts from the study…The average bride is 29 years old.  The average groom is between 30 and 31.  The most popular month to get engaged is December and the most popular month to get married is September (I was shocked by that. I always thought it was June.)  If you got engaged on Valentine’s Day, congratulations and start saving your money, according to this study, you’re going to need it!

February 7th, 2019

Let the countdown begin to Valentine’s Day.  I’m not a big Valentine’s person but chances are your significant other may be.  Consider this a friendly reminder not to forget the one you love on Thursday, February14th.  Stumped at what to get your significant other?  Here is a list of the top ten things (according to a new survey)  we WANT for valentine’s day.  Number 1 is easy and sweet…a nice dinner out.  The rest of the top five are…chocolate, flowers, a massage and a home cooked meal.  See, that’s nothing too crazy.  If none of those appeal to you as a gift, the rest of the top ten are…jewelry, a trip to somewhere warm or exotic, a spa package, a night or two at a local hotel and tickets to a comedy show.  Now that you know what your sweetheart wants, time to get planning that special day!<3

February 4th, 2019

I try not to be a bad sport.  So, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, congratulations to the New England Patriots.  My team wasn’t there so I basically had no rooting interest and was just hoping for a good game and good commercials.  I found both to be a little boring, but that’s just my opinion.  You cannot deny the greatness of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  Even when Brady is not on the top of his game, he still finds a way to win (or the Rams found a way to be totally non-existent on offense). That’s what great players do.   No matter, because I don’t want to sound bitter (haha), I will congratulate the winners of Super Bowl LIII.  As far as the commercials, a couple made me laugh but overall, I was underwhelmed.  In fairness, I think I set my expectations way too high. Now that this football season is in the books, bring on baseball.

February 1st, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I for one am thrilled that January is over.  Those 31 days seem like 531 to me.  Ugh.  For those of us who have an aversion to cold weather and snow, it’s the most dreaded month of the year.

I was amazed this morning when I read the results of this study about overspending.  Researchers say we overspend on things we don’t need an average of eight times a month, for a total of $315!  Just think if we put that money in savings.  Some of the bad financial decisions we make include getting takeout instead of cooking (guilty), shopping because we’re bored and paying for subscriptions we don’t use.  It all adds up, that’s for sure.

Enjoy your weekend.  If you’re going to a party for the game, be safe and have fun!

January 28th, 2019

Now that we got the Pro Bowl over with, the AFC won 26-7, we turn our attention to the big game on Sunday.  With less than a week to go, Redbox recently asked customers to name their top 5 favorite football movies.  Here are the top five…The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, Rudy, The Waterboy, and The Replacements.  I’ve seen four of the five.  I don’t remember ever seeing The Replacements so I’ll have to check that one out.  Since I’ve seen that list, I’ve been trying to decide which one of the four I’ve seen is my favorite.  It’s tough.  The Blind Side and Rudy were great.  But after much consideration, I have to say Remember the Titans was probably my favorite.  Anytime I come across it on TV, I watch.  I just love that movie.  Even if you’re not a football fan, it’s such a good story.  Anyway, we have one more week of football then bring on spring training!

January 23rd, 2019

Now that football is over for me…yes I know there is a big game yet to be played…I’m counting down to spring.  These next couple of months are always tough for me.  There’s no football, baseball hasn’t started, it’s cold, and there is generally not much going on.  How’s that for optimism?  Haha.  It will get better.  It always does.

Ponder this question…Do you want to live forever?  According to a new survey, 1 out of 5 people said yes.  Millennials are the most likely to want to live forever.  People over 55 are the least likely.  I can’t even imagine that.  If you lived forever, all your family and friends would eventually be gone.  I think it would be a lonely existence.  Can you imagine trying to get around at the age of 300?  I’ll pass.

January 18th, 2019

Well, we’re already past the midway mark in January.  Good news for those of us who do not care for winter.  Let the countdown to spring begin!  Okay, maybe I’m rushing it just a bit.

If one of your goals for the new year is to get a promotion, you could be hurting your chances without even realizing it.  Take a look at your desk.  Here are five things that, if you have them on your desk, may make you look unprofessional…Dishes and food containers.  A stack of used dishes suggest a lack of time management skills.  If you have a swarm of papers or sticky notes, your workspace appears disorganized.  Anything political on your desk makes you look inappropriate in the office.  It’s also a good idea to keep toys off your desk.  They can make you seem immature and less professional.  Finally, get rid of all the out of season decorations.  If you still have Christmas decorations in your cubicle, time to take them down.  Otherwise you may look lazy or forgetful.  Now go get that promotion!:)

January 14th, 2019

If you’re trying to get in shape but just can’t find the motivation to exercise, maybe it’s because you’re too old.  That’s not me saying that but according to a new survey, there’s a point in everyone’s life when they feel “too old” to work out.  The average age when that happens is…41.  41?  Wow!  The survey also found the  10 most common excuses people give for skipping a work out.  The number one reason (by far) was being too tired (I get that).  That was followed by…too much work to do, it was too late, bad weather and ate too much (wouldn’t that be an extra motivator to hit the gym?)…The rest of the top 10 excuses include…stayed late at work, would rather stay in and watch Netflix (at least they’re honest), it was dark outside, bad traffic and a workout buddy canceled.  First of all, whether you’re a kid or 100, there’s no age that is “too old” to be active.  Second, some of these excuses literally made me laugh out loud.  At least we’re creative, though I would have loved to see someone say, “I don’t workout because I’m just too lazy.”  The person that gives that excuse gets my undying respect for honesty.

January 10th, 2019

Let’s talk beer!  Now that I’ve got your attention (Haha)…A new study figured out the official definition of “beer o’clock”….And the consensus is…6:31 P.M. on Friday.  Happy hour.  I know I’m in the minority when I say I’m not a beer drinker.  I’ve just never acquired a taste for beer.  52% of people in the study said taste is the number one factor for them when they pick a beer.  One out of every three people say they’re intimidated by craft beers.  Finally, the average person switches their favorite beer every four years.  Bottoms up!

January 7th, 2019

Now that the holidays are over, what are you looking forward to?  If you’re feeling a little blue this time of year just know you’re not alone.  A new survey by Healthspan reveals 46% of people think winter is bad for their health and impacts their appearance.  30% of people have less energy in the winter.  22% of people gain more weight in the winter than they do in the summer and 64% of people say the cold winter months put them in a bad mood.  Some of the top reasons people give for being in a bad mood in the winter are… It’s dark, it’s cold, the days feel shorter, I can’t go outside for as long and, rounding out the top five, I feel unfit.   Well, look on the bright side, spring is less than three months away.

January 2nd, 2019

Happy New Year!  The slate is clean.   It’s a new beginning.  Most of us become optimistic when the calendar rolls into a new year.  If you don’t, not to worry.  That is completely normal.  A new survey found that it takes the average person four days to get back to normal after the holiday…AND 44% of people suffer from the January blues.  More than half of the people asked (52%) say during the early part of January they will be at work in body, but not mind.  Finally, 30% of people expect work to be awful in January because they won’t have any time off for several weeks.  Oh well…Happy New Year’s anyway.  Haha.  Don’t worry, spring will be here before you know it (hopefully).

December 26th, 2018

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.  Now that Christmas is over, we turn our attention to the New Year.  I think it’s funny that a new survey asked people what resolutions they’d like their SPOUSE to make in 2019.  Do we not think our spouses are responsible enough to make (or not make) their own resolutions?  Anyway, the list is not much different than the resolutions we make for ourselves.   The number one resolution we want our spouse to make is to lose weight (ouch).  That’s followed by…. exercise more, create and stick to a budget, be more positive, and be a better partner.  I told you it wasn’t much different from the resolutions we make for ourselves.  I’m guessing those who answered this survey did it on the down low.  Good luck if you’re brave enough to ask your husband/wife to make any of THESE resolutions.  We suggest you don’t.

December 20th, 2018

Do you think you failed as a parent if your child grows up and the most complicated thing they can make in the kitchen is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  A new survey asked parents for the life skills they feel they should teach their children.  Number 1 on the list is basic cooking.  That’s followed by how to have good hygiene.  (Yes, that’s extremely important.)  The rest of the top 5 are….driving, doing laundry and money management.   Number 6 on the list is how to be aware of your surroundings.  (That’s a sad sign of the times.) Basic housekeeping skills came in 7th place.  That’s followed by…time management, reading and comprehension and how to make healthy food choices.  If your child masters these basic life skills, good job mom and dad!

December 17th, 2018

This does not surprise me AT ALL!  We Americans like Christmas music BUT there is a catch.  We only like it if it’s actually Christmas season.  A new poll shows when Christmas music is played in December, 32% think it’s great…21% say it’s good…32% say it’s okay…7% say it’s bad and 8% say it’s terrible.  Of those people polled, 79% said it was unacceptable to play Christmas music before Halloween (who is doing that anyway?) and 55% said it was unacceptable to play it before Thanksgiving.  The poll also asked about the suddenly controversial song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and once again the majority of people said they DID NOT want it banned.  I know we are playing the song and we will keep playing it.  I’m so glad the majority of people can see how utterly silly this so-called “controversy” really is.  Not to pat ourselves on the back, but I like our mix of Christmas music.  We ease into it around Thanksgiving and add more Christmas songs as December 25th gets closer.  I know you can’t please everyone, but we try.;)

December 12th, 2018

I have been finding myself watching entirely too many Hallmark Christmas movies lately.  Yes, I know they’re cheesy.  Yes, I can tell you what happens at the end of every single movie as soon it begins.  But darn it, I’m hooked on these movies.  I deviated from Hallmark the other day to watch the Kurt Russell movie “The Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix.  If you get a chance, check that out.  It was sweet, well acted and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought Russell played an endearing Santa.  The kid actors were great and Kimberly Williams Paisley gave a touching performance as their mom.  The elves made me laugh and laugh.  If that’s not enough, there’s a sweet surprise at the end of the movie when Santa returns home and he’s talking to Mrs. Claus.  I won’t spoil it here because I want you to enjoy the movie and say “awwww” just as I did.  I give “The Christmas Chronicles” an “A”….No, it won’t change the world but it will entertain and amuse you.

December 10th, 2018

As we close in on the end of the year, we get all the “best of” lists.  If you’re a movie lover, Rolling Stone has released their list of the 20 Best Movies of 2018.  They say “Roma” (never heard of it) is the best movie of the year.  “Roma” tells the story of growing up in a suburb of Mexico City in the 1970’s.  The rest of the top 5 are…”A Star is Born”…”Black Panther”…”The Favourite”…and “BlacKkKlansman”.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen any of these movies.  At least I’ll know what to watch if we get snowed in this winter.  If you want to check out the rest of the top 20, go to

December 6th, 2018

It’s hard to believe, but winter isn’t officially here until December 21st (In my mind, winter begins right after Thanksgiving).  The annual wintertime surveys and studies are starting to come out.  This winter, the average American will get sneezed on six times.  Other stats from the same study show the average person will slip or fall 7 times, step in 2 puddles, get sick twice, have 8 weather related driving scares and complain about the weather about 5 times a day!  So much to look forward to (insert eye roll here)…  If that’s not enough, according to a new survey, the thing we hate most about winter is having cold hands and feet.  Finally (thank goodness), the ideal temperature to set your thermostat at in the winter is 70 degrees according to the majority.  For all the winter weather lovers (and I know you’re out there), I apologize for constantly bagging on your season.  For you warmer weather fans (like myself), we’ll get through it…we always do!:)