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Hello! Sally & Sam here! We’re back! We just loved it so much here we couldn’t stay away! That’s actually a little fib. We had to come back because we were being very stubborn at our new home. They tried so hard to get us to understand that the best place to do our business is outside. We had a really hard time with that and our new family just couldn’t see it our way, so we had to come back. It’s not that we’re not smart enough to figure this out, we’re just a bit stubborn. I think we learned our lesson though, and we promise to try harder next time.

We were brought here a few months ago by a Good Samaritan who found us walking along the road.  It appears that we have not had the best life but someone must have been feeding us because we are on the chunky side and could stand to lose a few pounds. We weren’t used to living inside either, and that seemed kind of new to us. We are good dogs and deserve better! Let me tell you, we’re enjoying this nice warm place & big comfy blankets!!!

We may be seniors, but we sure don’t act like seniors! We’ve got lots of spunk, and we love to play in the play yards here at the shelter. We are really bonded with each other & sure do hope we can stay together! We are looking for a really nice family this time where we will live inside and be a part of the family, but where we will still be allowed to play outside when the weather is nice.

Could we be just the perfect dogs for you? Why, yes, I think so! If you’re looking for two wonderful, older pups to add to your home, and if you promise to love us forever and ever, we would like to meet you and your family. If you have an approved application at the shelter already, then you’re on your way! Give them a call and we’ll set up an appointment. We’ll be glad to try to fit you in to our busy schedules. If you didn’t do one yet, go on to the website and fill one out. When it is approved, someone will be sure to call you. We hope someone out there will give us a chance and agree that we are just the ones they’ve been looking for! We sure can’t wait to spend some quality time with our new family!


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