SPCA Pet of the Week



Kimba, Kenny. Kelly, and Koozer. What do all those names have in common? We are all brothers! We know – we don’t all look as much alike as some brothers, but believe us, we are! Two of us are orange and white, and two of us are black and white!

We were found along the side of a road. We don’t remember exactly how we got there, but we must have done something terrible for somebody to just dump us there like that. Imagine living in a home for the first eight weeks of your life, then suddenly you’re outside – lost and alone.

But somehow, two wonderful people saw us and stopped to pick us up. I don’t think we would have made it out there for much longer. It was so hot that day! The people brought us here and we got to go into a nice, cool room. We were so thirsty when we got here – thank goodness they gave us water!

Since we’ve been here we’ve been neutered, microchipped, and brought up-to-date on our shots. That means it is OK for us to start looking for people who might want to be our new parents. Wouldn’t it be awesome if two of us could stay together in our new homes? We get along really well with each other, but it’s OK if people only want one kitty.

We sure would like to go to a home that has kids (or grown-ups) that like to play a lot, because we love, love, love to play! Chasing a ball, going through a tunnel, climbing the cat tree, we could just play all day long! When we’re done, we’ll need to nap. But not for too long! Soon it’s time to get up and play some more!

We would also like a home that will give us plenty of good, healthy food to eat, and nice, cool water to drink. A treat once in a while might be nice too, but not too many!

So, what do you think? Do we sound like kittens that would be good matches for your home? Go to the shelter website and fill out an application to adopt one of us. When it is approved, someone will call you and set up a time for you to come in and meet us. If you have an approved application already, bravo! Give the shelter a call to set up a meet & greet. We hope to see all of you really soon so we can start our new lives in our new homes!

Fill out an adoption application below!!



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