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Hi there! My name is Benson! I am here at the Adams County SPCA looking for a new home. I was a stray cat, wandering around outside, until a nice lady brought me into her home. Awesome! Except for one thing – she already had a cat – and we did NOT get along! Bossy old cat! I know, it was his home and I was kind of intruding on his territory, but gosh – I was just trying to stay warm! I don’t know what it is about other cats, but I have a hard time getting along with them! You’d think, since I’m a cat myself, that I would find at least one other cat I’d like, but nope, not gonna happen. So I am looking for a home where I will be the only child.

I love, love, love attention from my person, so get ready – I’m gonna be in your lap whenever you’re near me! I will also insist that you pet me, and if you try to ignore me, I will pull your hand toward me. I like doing that when I have visitors – it makes them say, “Aww, look at that!” I even jumped off the chair right into one of the girls’ arms the other day! I just love people so much!

I will need good, nutritious food in my new home, and a nice, soft bed for resting (only when you’re not around). I would like a few toys to play with, too. I like the balls that roll around on the floor – they’re so much fun to chase! If you have all of those things in your house, and if you don’t have any other cats, would you consider adopting me? The folks here say I’m quite striking, with my white coat and black spots. You can run right over to the shelter website to put in the application for my adoption. They’ll let you know when it has been approved and when you can come in to meet me. We could have so much fun together!


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