Joe 82

Joe Black

November 5, 2020 I thought 2020 was bad, but last Wednesday it became the worst! My poor dog had a tough year. Back in January he had some kind of issue pop up, that was causing him to fight for his life. My vet did all he could think of, and DJ (aka Fluffy) quickly…

TJ Small


July 10, 2020 Have you had “enough”? I know I have – this once-beautiful and open-minded country has turned into a HUMONGOUS pit full of idiots (IMHO) – we have the mainstream media telling us what to think with their “op-ed” stories rather than the facts, like we arent smart enough to hear just the…

Bill 82

Bill O’Brien

June 11, 2020 Hey, it’s Bill O’Brien. I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you listening, and spending your afternoons with me on Rocky 98.5. We’re barely halfway through 2020, and we’ve been through so much. So what’s the back half of 2020 going to look like? You know, I’m not…