Joe 82

Joe Black

February 11, 2020 TJ & I have been discussing Valentine’s Day.  I’ll be going out to dinner, and TJ will be broadcasting from the Adams County Home Show.  My wife and I usually go out to a “fine” dining restaurant for V-day and our anniversary.  Last year it was a little over the top…especially since…

Bill 82

Bill O’Brien

March 1st, 2019 O.K. ! Phil didn’t see his shadow, right? So that means winter needs to be outa’ here!  I’m O.K. with a little more winter weather, including a little snow, then I’m done with winter this year. Who’s with me? Excellent ! Oh, by the way, we spring forward March 10th, so it’s…

TJ Small


February 22nd, 2019 Another week of winter is over – how are YOU doing as the weeks til Spring grow closer to arriving? I’ve grown used to the idea of bronchitis and sinusitis as the temperature goes from -1000 with the wind chill to 80 F. Fluctuating heat/cold plays HELL with my core, and my…