Scott and Kim in the Morning

July 10, 2020 We can’t tell you how excited we are to get back out on the road these days!  While they may not be concerts or big gatherings, making appearances at some of our most supportive partners has been so much fun.  It had been too long!  Thanks so much for the kind words…


Davy Croakett

June 11, 2020 Are we ready for Summer??  How could we NOT be??  After a Spring that really challenged all of us, I think we’re due some happy times!  As a Nationals fan, I am hopeful that baseball returns in SOME capacity soon.  It looks like the NBA will be back soon, and probably the…


Toadily Max Stevens

June 11th, 2020 How is your “Summer” so far??  Hopefully good!!  We’ve been through a LOT the past few months, but one thing we are most proud of is how we CONTINUE to feature LIVE and LOCAL radio.  Make sure you check us out 7-10pm each weekday night as we feature the songs YOU want…