Pet of the Week – Meet Libby!

Pet of the Week – Meet Libby!
Pet of the Week – Meet Libby!

Hi, hi, hi! My name is Libby and I am so happy! I am happy to be here, happy to meet you, and just happy to be alive! I wasn’t in the best situation at my last home, so that’s why I’m so grateful to be here.

Somebody was looking out for me, and called in a humane complaint. He knew that I was not being taken care of like I should, which was pretty obvious. I was tied in the backyard and the only shelter I had was an old truck cap that was on top of cement blocks. I had straw for bedding, but the cold wind blew right through the blocks and I was so cold!

One day two nice ladies came to see me. They were pretty upset when they saw where I was living, and at first I thought they were mad at me! Then they went and talked to my owner. I used to think of her as my Mom, but after she tied me outside like that, she was just my “owner”.

The nice ladies told her I should not be living outside in the cold, so she said they could take me. Just like that – she gave me away! She didn’t care about me at all! At first I was kind of upset, because I didn’t know where I was going. Could I be going to somewhere worse? Was that even possible?

So I went away with the nice ladies in the big truck. We didn’t ride very long until we came into a big building that was clean and warm. Wow. There are other dogs, and even cats that live INSIDE here! They are all fed twice a day, and given clean water and fresh bedding every morning. I never thought I would live like this!

The next day one of the nice ladies gave me a bath – I hadn’t had a bath for quite a while and I was a little stinky. It felt nice to be clean and fresh. They gave me medicine to get rid of the fleas and other medicine to keep me healthy. I didn’t cry one bit when they stuck me with those pointy things!

Now I’m ready to be spayed so I don’t have any babies. They said not to worry – I’ll be sleepy the rest of the day, but then I’ll feel fine. I guess I’ll have to wear one of those silly cones for awhile. After I’m spayed, they said I can be adopted. I think that means I’ll go to a new home. I kind of like it here, but I suppose they don’t need an office dog.

I’m about four years old, and I’m just the friendliest, happiest dog you’re ever going to meet. I love to give wet, sloppy kisses, too! One thing, though – I really, really, really want to be an only dog in my house. I didn’t get any attention or loving at my last home, so I want to be your only cuddle bug!

I think older, respectful kids would be great fun! We could play fetch, and go on long walks (I’m pretty good on a leash), and snuggle together. So if you have a couple kids, I’m good with that. And I’m house trained! Can you believe it? It’s because I’m so smart and I learn so quickly. I know how to “sit” and “give paw”, too!

Oh, and guess what else? They named my Libby because I’ve been “liberated” from that place! Wasn’t that clever?

Soon I’m going to be interviewing folks to be my next family. I would like this to be my last move, so I will be looking for a people who will promise to love me unconditionally FOREVER! A family who will let me live inside with them – I’m a pet, not a lawn ornament!

If you would like a chance to meet me and possible adopt me, please submit an adoption application. You can find the applications on the shelter website. The nice ladies will look at them and pick a few awesome families for me to interview. I sure hope it doesn’t take long!