Pet of the Week – Meet Keebler & Keesha!

My name is Keebler, like the cookies! My sister is Keesha, like – umm, like Keesha – it means “great joy”. We are two gorgeous five-month-old kittens waiting for our forever families to find us here at the Adams County SPCA.

My sister likes to talk a lot (they should have named her “Motormouth”). She’s an attention-hog, too – always running up to people when they come in to see us, and trying to get all the petting! You’d thing she’d be more sharing, especially with her brother! It’s OK, though, I really love her and I want the best for her.

We came in here as strays. Imagine us having to live outside in this cold, snowy weather! Oh, it makes me shiver just thinking about it! I’m so glad that nice lady brought us here!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were adopted together? We really get along well, and we are good company for each other. If that’s not possible, we understand.  It’s a lot to take on two new pets, but aren’t we just so cute together?

When we get to our new homes, we’ll need delicious and healthy food to help us grow up into beautiful cats. We’ll need plenty of interesting toys to keep us busy. (A busy cat is a well-behaved cat!) And we’ll need nice, soft beds to cuddle in after we’re done playing.

Do you have room in your home for two adorable, kissable, charming little kitties? Go onto the shelter website and submit an application to adopt us. When it is approved, someone will call you and set up an appointment for you to come in and meet us. I guarantee my sister will want all of your attention, but don’t forget to look my way, too! See you soon!