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June 11th, 2020

How is your “Summer” so far??  Hopefully good!!  We’ve been through a LOT the past few months, but one thing we are most proud of is how we CONTINUE to feature LIVE and LOCAL radio.  Make sure you check us out 7-10pm each weekday night as we feature the songs YOU want to hear on the Froggy All Request Party.  Call us or text us at 717-633-1077 and we’ll do out best to get your favorite song on on a timely manner.

October 2nd, 2018

A mother from Ladue, Missouri is suing her son’s high school for discrimination. He was kicked off the junior varsity soccer team because he did not make the varsity team. School officials say a junior, who doesn’t make the varsity team can’t return to the JV team. The school says the family’s lawsuit is unsubstantiated.
A Tucson, Arizona restaurant recently received $1,000 and an apology letter from a former server. The woman stole money from the restaurant in the 1990s.  Carlotta Flores owns the El Charro Cafe and tells People magazine that the note read; “Dear Carlotta and Family, I worked for you as a waitress very briefly back in the 1990s. One of the waiters I worked with had encouraged me to ‘forget’ to ring in a few drinks a shift and pocket the cash. And for some stupid reason, I did it. It’s been 20 years, but I still carry great remorse. I am very sorry that I stole from you. Please accept my apology and this money as repayment + 20 years of interest.”
Snickers is releasing 2 new flavors in 2019.   Maple Almond Butter and Peanut Butter are expected to hit store shelves in January.

September 20th, 2018

 A Bible recently saved Bettie Nel’s life. Six men broke into her South African home before she threw a doorstop at them. One man fired at her. The bullet got lodged in Bettie’s Bible. The six suspects are still at large after stealing firearms and mobile phones from the house. Bettie was unharmed.
The Office Tavern Grill in New Jersey celebrated National Cheeseburger Day yesterday by offering cheeseburger ice cream. The ice cream was infused with ground chuck, cheddar cheese and Applewood smoked bacon. The ice cream came free with orders of burgers and fries. The restaurant has no plans to offer cheeseburger ice cream in the future.
A flight from Bogota, Colombia to Monteria, Colombia was forced to return to the gate 30 minutes after takeoff yesterday. A passenger complained that the cabin was too hot and that something needed to be done. When flight attendants tried to calm the man he threatened to open the emergency door. Pilots returned to the Bogota airport before the police removed the man from the plane. Passengers jeered and cheered him.

September 6th, 2018

Chris Janson is honored to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry.  Janson says, “it was very, very emotional, just a big deal for me. That pretty much solidifies the term ‘making it’. I’m really grateful. And it’s so cool you get your own Opry mail box and you get a locker, all kind so stuff that’s really neat, not to mention they treat you like a star when you walk into the Opry, period.
Munchies magazine claims the state of Maine has rejected PETA’s request to build a 5-foot tombstone to memorialize dead lobsters. The front of the tombstone would have read; “In Memory of the Lobsters Who Suffered and Died at This Spot.” PETA submitted their request after a lobster delivery truck overturned last week in Brunswick. Maine. Over 4,500 lobsters were killed in the crash.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that 42% of Facebook users have taken a break from the social media site in the last 12 months. 26% of Facebook users have deleted the app from their phone

August 23rd, 2018

A Minneapolis company is now offering its employees fur-ternity leave so they can stay home for a week and take care of their new cats and dogs. Nina Hale CEO Donna Robinson released a statement saying; “Part of embracing employee satisfaction as a business priority means recognizing important life events that happen outside of the office. If we want to continue to set the example as a top workplace, it is crucial to offer innovative benefits that help to preserve the work-life happiness of our employee owners.”

Matthew Ramsey of Old Domion, who has helped write many hit songs for other artists, says he can never predict when a hit song idea may come to him. “Sometimes in the shower they come to me for some reason. ‘Save it for a Rainy Day,’ the song I wrote for Kenny Chesney, that came to me in the shower. I had one the other day that happened in the shopping mall. It can hit you anytime.”
Morgan Evans says performing on The Bachlorette was a litttle weird.  “It’s obviously a weird situation to be in like, creating reality on a reality TV show but it was a cool experience for sure. We were part of this experience where at the end of the date, they came into this theater. We played it and they got up and thankfully, they kissed. It would’ve been super awkward if we sang ‘Kiss Somebody and they didn’t kiss.”  Don’t miss Morgan Evans when he comes to the Froggy Radio Stage 2018 at the York Fair September 11th, a service of River’s Truck Center.

August 16th, 2018

Metro UK claims a two year-old boy from India has a 40 cigarette-a-day smoking habit. Rapi Pamungkas started smoking after he picked up a discarded cigarette butt from the ground.  His mother says he also drinks coffee like an adult. ”My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake. He has been smoking every day for around two months. If I don’t give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk. If Rapi doesn’t get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying. It’s expensive, because we have to buy them for him. He likes to do it all day. He can smoke about 40 every day.”  Rapi’s parents are saving to take him to a doctor.
Foodiful claims KFC is launching another merchandise line that will include Colonel Sanders surfboards, KFC chicken-scented surf wax and KFC Speedos. The Speedos are red with a red and white-striped waistband. A black bow tie adorns the front of the Speedo. KFC restaurants in Australia will be the first to sell the new line. Proceeds will benefit the KFC Youth Foundation.
 Variety magazine says Simon Cowell is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, August 22nd.  Cowell has been a judge on American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

August 9th, 2018

Thieves in Fayetteville, Georgia recently stole $98,000 worth of Ramen noodles. The thieves spotted the Ramen noodle delivery truck parked outside of a convenience store. They stole the 18-wheeler in the middle of the night. The thieves may sell the noodles at flea markets or on the black market.
Ophelia Morgan-Dew, of Britain, age 3, has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein. Ophelia allegedly started speaking when she was eight months old, and claims to have memories from before she was one. When Ophelia was given an IQ test, she scored an amazing 171. Ophelia is the youngest member of Mensa.
The Arizona Cardinals football team is offering a $75 hamburger during games this year. The 7-pound Gridiron Burger features five burger patties, five hot dogs, five bratwurst, 20 slices of American cheese, eight slices of bacon, chicken tenders, 12 oz of fries, lettuce, pickles and sauce. It is served on a 10 inch bun. The reward for fans who finish the burger in under an hour, a Cardinals jersey.

June 7th, 2018

Darius Rucker raised over $400,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with his Darius and Friends concert and golf tournament. He says, “As a parent I can’t imagine the emotional toll hearing your child has cancer takes, not to mention the financial stress. The support families with a child facing life-threating illness receive from St. Jude is just incredible. I’m proud to support St. Jude and I’m so grateful to all our friends who came out and donated their time to be on the show.”

Darius has raised over $1.6 million for St. Jude over the last decade through his events.

Know how to work your Birthday!  The latest trend among Millennials is to host birthday parties … at the gym. Guests are invited to sweat in celebration of the birthday boy or girl … and obviously post photos on social media before, during, and afterwards.
Do you talk to your dog in baby talk? It may be annoying to others — but researchers say the dogs love it. According to a new study, dogs are more likely to perk up and listen when you use that “baby talk” tone.

May 30th, 2018

Craig Morgan will be honored with the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal for his dedication to the troops and their families through entertainment. The award, the highest award a civilian can receive, will be given out June 23rd in Huntington Beach, California. Craig is being recognized for his dedication to supporting not just soldiers, but to all military serving their country.

Facebook will be banned for one month for all residents of Papua New Guinea, an island nation in the South Pacific. The reason? The government there wants to study the social media network’s role in spreading false information and how it impacts its people. The country could ultimately create its own social media network.
Here’s a great reason to reach for some strawberries … they make you happy. Yep, a survey found that people associated strawberries with feelings of happiness more than any other type of produce. The reason? They remind you of summer and happy times. 95 percent of survey respondents said strawberries bring up thoughts of summertime and happy memories.

April 26th, 2018

If you are single, you may want to work on your conversation skills.  A survey by dating site Plenty of Fish found that 74 percent of singles said good conversation was a better indication of chemistry than physical attraction. And 63 percent of respondents said the best way to identify a compatible partner on a dating app is through conversation.

Donating your time is good for you.  A new study found that volunteering for as little as two hours a week is good for you physically and mentally, 75 percent of those who volunteered in the past year said it made them feel “physically healthier.” 93 percent of respondents said volunteering  improved their mood, 79 percent reported lower stress levels and 88 percent said giving back increased their self-esteem.

Ever hear the phrase “you both must be sharing a brain”? Apparently as it relates to your friends there may be something to that.   A new study found that close friends share the same brain patterns. Researchers describe the brain patterns of friends as being in sync. The closer the friendship, the more similar the brain activity, especially in traits like motivation, attention and judgment.

April 5th, 2018

According to Health Magazine citing a recent Harris Poll, 43 percent of respondents said they had taken photos or videos of themselves at the gym, and 27 percent of those photos are selfies, so a gym in Connecticut has decided to test out a “selfie room.” Yep, believe it or not, the Edge Fitness Club in Fairfield, Connecticut, is offering members a “selfie room” for the month of April. The room is apparently equipped with good lighting, hair products, and fitness accessories to help them take the very best gym selfie.
The Daily Dot says researchers in Australia asked a bunch of study subjects to stop using Facebook. The results? They found that not logging onto the social network actually lowered the subjects’ stress levels. Amazingly, it didn’t even take a week for their stress levels to decrease. But, the group of subjects who stopped checking Facebook also admitted they were “less satisfied” with their lives than when they were checking Facebook freely.
Lauren Alaina normally gets nervous at award shows. But when she walks the red carpet as the newly crowned New Female Vocalist of the Year at the ACM Awards on April 15th, she’ll have much more confidence. “This year I get to walk as a winner. I keep reminding myself, regardless, you’ve already won your category. I just feel like it’s definitely going to take off some stress. And I get to walk it still as a nominee because I have the nomination with Kane for Vocal Event.” Lauren and Kane Brown are up for their duet, “What Ifs.” The 53rd ACM Awards will be broadcast live from Las Vegas on CBS.

March 2nd, 2018

For Love or Money is a timeless question. For many Millennials, the answer is money. Financial services company Comet surveyed 400 employed Millennials and found that 41 percent said they would end a relationship for a raise. According to the survey, a $37,000 raise would be enough to convince 32 percent of Millennials to dump their significant others.
Are you looking for lighter topics on social media? Researchers from the University of Missouri say Instagram users prefer to keep things light. A study found that, typically, people use Instagram for entertainment and are less likely to engage in political or controversial topics.

With hours of travel on tour, Brett Eldredge loves to seek out good shows to binge on Netflix, and there’s one he recommends everyone watch… the show An Idiot Abroad. He says, “I love travel kind of shows because that’s what I live for. I watched this show called Idiot Abroad. Ricky Gervais sends his best friend, who’s also like a guy that complains about everything in life, but it’s really funny. He hates going out of his comfort zone, so he sends him all around the world, and he’s just watching it through his eyes. I would highly recommend that.” Brett will have plenty of time over the next few weeks to find more binge-worthy watches on Netflix, while he continues his tour with Blake Shelton.


February 22nd, 2018

Congratulations to Kelsea Ballerini making history with her number one song “Legends.” Since her Billboard chart debut in 2015 with “Love Me Like You Mean It,” she has had the most chart topping songs for a female during that time. She was the first solo female artist to have a number-one hit with her debut single in nine years. Only 11 women have accomplished that feat. Kelsea is on her Unapologetically tour, but she had to postpone Thursday’s show in Columbus, Ohio due to illness. She’ll hit the road with Keith Urban’s Graffiti U tour in June.

 A new survey has found that 46 percent of Millennials have no money in savings. Unfortunately, that number has jumped quite a bit from the 31 percent of Millennials who admitted they didn’t have money in savings last year according to statistics obtained by CNBC.
Researchers at the University of California have found that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol each day is more important than exercise if you want to live past 90 years old. Having two glasses of wine or beer drops the chance of premature death by 18 percent scientists say. On the other hand, daily exercise only reduces premature death by 11 percent according to an article in U.S. News and World Report.