2018 Feed-A-Friend Kick Off – November 2018

Each year, WYCR Rocky 98.5 joins New Hope Ministries, a local non-profit charity, to promote the Feed-A-Friend marathon in early December. The purpose of this mission is to provide area residents with food over the holiday season. This year, Rocky vowed to help out even more!

Throughout the first two weeks of November, Rocky 98.5 personalities (Joe Black, TJ McVay, and Bill O’Brien) visited local Kennie’s Markets locations for two hour broadcasts to collect both food and monetary donations. Prepackaged food donation bags (designed specifically for Feed-A-Friend) were also on hand for purchase in both $5 and $10 sizes for easy contribution. Listeners were also invited to visit Hanover Foods, at any time during their business hours, to purchase food and leave behind for donation. The community showed up!

On Monday, November 13th, Rocky 98.5 staff members including Dave Davies (General Manager), Jeff Naugle (Program Director), Linda Propheter (General Sales Manager), Cortney Shupe (Local Sales Manager), and Audrey Clabaugh (Account Executive) visited New Hope Minsitries at their Hanover location to drop of the food that was collected. In total, 169 prepackaged Kennie’s Markets food bags and just over 1,600 additional pounds of food were donated to Phase 1 of the 2018 Feed-A-Friend drive. New Hope Ministries was ecstatic with the impact that WYCR Rocky 98.5 was able to make with it’s sponsors, listeners, and community members. Together, we are keeping Rocky Nation fed this Thanksgiving!