Joe 82

Joe Black

January 22, 2019 I know Eagles fans!  We spent the weekend in Philly for a wedding, and I took my Cowboys duffel bag.  I told my wife, somebody is going to comment.  Sure enough, first thing in the door, the desk manager calls me out.  He was cool about it though.  I can only imagine…

Bill 82

Bill O’Brien

January 15th, 2019 Don’t blink !  January will be gone in a minute, How’d that happen? It seems like I’m still wrapping my head around the exciting possibilities of a new year and BOOM ! We’re blasting down the New Year highway fast enough to get pulled over and given a very large moving violation…

TJ Small


January 14th, 2019 Soooooo – with WINTER officially here, I’m still waiting for the SNOW; not “the snow” — “THE SNOW”!!! There IS a difference, as you all know – I remember the old days where Noreaster’s would come one after another, and we just called it WINTER. Of course, those were the days before “DRAMA…